Lake St. Clair, Australia is where glamour, romance and wildlife become one!

Lake St. Clair is a perfect get-away for nature lovers who love to hike and appreciate wilderness. Lake St Clair is a lake in the Central Highlands area of Tasmania, Australia. It is at the southern end of the famous Cradle Mountain- Lake St Clair National Park and is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area. This area is also known as the aboriginal people of the area called Leeawuleena, which means sleeping water.
If you and your partner are up for a romantic adventure then you will find it here at Lake St. Clair. Surrounding the lake are beautiful forests and mountains waiting to be explored. The best time to go to Lake St. Clair is the month of April – December.

There’s plenty to do starting with a taking a helicopter tour. The journey provides a bird’seye view of Derwent Valley and Lake St. Clair. After you spend the day cruising through the air you can do some of the following things:
1. Go boating, hiking or jogging at Lake St. Clair Metropark
2. Visit the Harsens Island
3. Enjoy the scenic views of Detroit Riverwalk. There are plenty of restaurants, events and river tours.
4. If you want to have a night out in town, then you can visit the Nautical Mile. This is the hub of Metro Detroit boating. Here you find a number of dining and nightlife places to go.
5. There is never a dull moment at Brandenburg Park. Brandenburg is a waterfront park. The park/pier offers plenty of places to go to fishing and other recreational activities.

Well don’t ponder anymore your perfect destination at Lake St. Clair awaits you!