Travel Tuesday has us in Honolulu . It is city to escape to for the summer but year round you can travel there. Did you know although O‘ahu is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands (after the Big Island and Maui) it’s actually home to about two-thirds of the population of the state. Its capital city of Honolulu seemingly offers beautiful coastlines with white sand beaches and unparalleled surfing opportunities—as well as a bustling cosmopolitan scene featuring international shopping, dining, and urban adventures. Visit Waikiki to explore some of the most famous sands in the world, or hike Leahi, also known as “Diamond Head,” which is an easy bus ride from Waikiki, to soak in panoramic views of Honolulu after a moderately challenging trail route toward the sky. Explore downtown Honolulu, which is home to some of Oahu’s most historic landmarks, and spend the night at Halepuna Waikiki by Halekulani which offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, and an infinity pool, a sun deck outfitted with chic cabanas, and an upscale outdoor bar.